L O V E   T H E   G A M E


C O N T A C T   U S

Kelly Blackford | 18u / 16u / 14u
515.988.0159 | kelly@iowarenegades.com
Rob Tennant | 18u Elite Showcase
515.344.0433 | rob@iowarenegades.com
Scott Torres | 16u Green
515.210.3507 | scotttorres@mchsi.com
Chris Shelton | 14u Orange
515.326.5920 | chris@iowarenegades.com
Bill Sharp | 14u Orange
515.554.7470 | bsharp706@gmail.com
Randy Folkerts | 14u Green
515.971.1620 | rkfolk96@gmail.com
George Callsen | 10u Orange
515.802.9447 | tui4prez@gmail.com
Kelly Blackford | President
515.988.0159 | kelly@iowarenegades.com
Todd Wyant | Vice President
Trish Blackford | Treasurer
Rick Backus | Secretary
515.724.3487 | backusr@gmail.com
Michael Pauscher | Officer
515.556.2137 | tpowsh1@msn.com
Scott Torres | Officer
515.210.3507 | scotttorres@mchsi.com
Chris Shelton | Officer
515.326.5920 | chris@iowarenegades.com
Bill Sharp | Officer
515.554.7470 | bsharp706@gmail.com
Homer Revell | Officer
641.521.5154 | heywilly@mchsi.com

A B O U T   U S

The Iowa Renegades is a nationally recognized fastpitch softball organization that competes in some of the most prestigious tournaments in Iowa and the Midwest, and our teams are comprised of some of the most talented players in the Des Moines and surrounding areas. Our teams range in age from the 10u to 18u level.

"Love The Game" is the guiding philosophy of the Iowa Renegades Youth Fastpitch. We believe that our greatest contribution is in teaching young people the values of competition: to make a commitment, to work hard, to strive for excellence, to sacrifice to make the team better, and to be the best you can be as a person and as an athlete. We believe that our job is to develop the total person, and not just the athlete. Our players learn to respect and love the game of fastpitch softball and all who are involved in it.

The Iowa Renegades pledges to its players and parents:

  • Provide a healthy, productive and structured environment for its players to learn and compete in the game of fastpitch softball
  • Promote team chemistry and teach the importance of achieving success through teamwork
  • Provide a unique, positive atmosphere for accomplished athletes to develop their skills while building confidence, self-esteem and mental toughness
  • Stress the importance of academic excellence as it relates to competitive sports and to a successful future
  • Develop highly competitive softball teams with players that exemplify the meaning of selflessness and teamwork

Our coaching staff offers state-of-the-art instruction in all aspects of the game. We stress the importance of all fundamental skills that are essential to success at the high school, and collegiate levels. Our players receive the highest level of exposure by participating in some of the most prestigious tournaments and recruiting tournaments in Iowa, and the midwest, those which are not available to many travel teams.


1 4 u   B L A C K

1 6 u   O R A N G E

1 6 u   G R E E N

1 4 u   O R A N G E

1 4 u   G R E E N

1 2 u   O R A N G E

1 2 u   G R E E N

1 2 u   W H I T E

1 0 u   O R A N G E

1 0 u   G R E E N

1 8 u   O R A N G E


If you were unable to make tryouts, and would like to be considered for one of the Iowa Renegades teams, please contact Kelly Blackford at 515.988.0159 or email: kelly@iowarenegades.com to schedule a private tryout.