Pick 3 Raffle

Runs November 1st, 2019 to December 31, 2019

61 Chances to WIN!
Over $3,700 in cash prizes!


(1) Winning numbers are determined by the three "3" digits of the Iowa "Pick 3" Midday Numbers as matched to the number appearing at the top of each calendar-sheet. Each calendar-sheet acquired will have a unique 3-digit number.
(2) All cash winnings will be determined by the amount of money indicated on each day of the calendar.
(3) All numbers are played straight as drawn.
(4) All winners will be paid in a timely fashion.
(5) The State of Iowa may have bonus days. On those days the three "3" digits of the "Pick 3" Midday Numbers drawn will be honored.
(6) The organization will determine each winner from the numbered information sheet completed with the acquisition of a calendar.
(7) Each information sheet must be filled out accurately at the time of donation, and winnings will be administered by an authorized representative of the organization.
This fundraising project is in no way related with the lottery of any state, and nothing has been bought or sold. Donations are made and random prizes are selected using an impartial random number generator.
Copyright© Iowa Renegades Fastpitch, 2016. All Rights Reserved.
For official mid-day drawing results visit: http://www.ialottery.com/Pages/Games-Online/Pick3MWin.aspx